Friday, March 6, 2009

Blog Bandwagon

I've jumped back on the bandwagon of blogging. I am just too lazy to make time to do it. Nothing really has been going on, other than my baby Maxwell is growing like crazy. He's the size of most 2 year olds. His first tooth is trying to make its appearance as of last night (Thursday). It's a good thing we don't remember what teething feels like. We'd probably be hospitalized. Maxwell isn't crawling yet, he prefers to roll from point A to point B. Maxwell's birthday will be coming up faster than I will be able to keep up with! His party'll be at Grandma Crissey's House (Scottie's grandma). It'll be nice. Her backyard backs up to a creek, and she has all St. Augustine grass. I've included some pictures that were made since Christmas. I thought I'd include that many, since I haven't blogged since before Thanksgiving!! More blogging is definitely on the horizon, since there will be milestones in his growth in the upcoming months...

His 'Poopy Face'

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Skavoovie said...

Still can't help but laugh every time I see his "Poopy face" picture!

It's been like 2 1/2 months -- where's your next post? :)